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Cemetery History

St. Thomas Cemetery became a reality on April 29, 1843 with the donation of 6 acres of land on Chubb Rd (now 300 Sunset Rd) to the future St. Thomas the Apostle Church by Joseph and Abigail Scott of Lodi township. The Rev. Thomas Cullen, pastor of the Ann Arbor catholic community at that time, had purchased a year earlier a parcel of land on the south side of Kingsley St in Ann Arbor as the site of the community’s first permanent church building, which was eventually built and dedicated in on August 6, 1845 by the Rev. Peter Paul Lefevre, Bishop of Zella and administrator of Detroit.

The cemetery on chubb Rd was officially dedicated by Bishop Caspar H. Borgess of Detroit on October 20, 1878 during the St. Thomas pastorship of Rev. Francis J. Van Erp. With various land purchases and donations, the cemetery land expanded to cover about 29 acres before 20.01 acres of unusable terrain was sold in April 1997 to the City of Ann Arbor to expand the city’s Bluff Nature Area.

Today, the perpetual use of most gravesites in St. Thomas Cemetery are owned by previous and current St. Thomas the Apostle Church parishioners or their heirs. Occasionally, the cemetery management develops a few new sites or purchases back the rights to old unused sites. These available sites are offered to current parishioners who have placed themselves on a waiting list.

For questions about our cemetery and its use, please contact us at 734.761.8606 ext. 2903 or visit us on Elizabeth St in Ann Arbor.

Reference: Most of the above information is based on The History of St. Thomas Parish Ann Arbor by Louis William Doll in 1941.