Small Groups

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“This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Gospel of John 13:34-35

Beginning this Lent, Father Bill and Father Todd are inviting you to join a small group. For two thousand years, Christians have supported one another and pursued holiness in the context of small groups! Join a St. Thomas Small Group  to connect, grow, and serve.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why join a Small Group? Because you were made in the very image of the one God- three Persons in one divine nature-  who is love. Because you were created for relationship, to love and to be loved! Because you were made for holiness- for sanctity. Because pursuing holiness and sanctity is best done in groups! Because for two thousand years, Christians have pursued holiness in the context of small groups! Because your experience of God is meaningful to others! Because others’ experience of God may be meaningful to you.

What happens at a Small Group meeting? In addition to prayer and personal sharing, we are asking each of our Small Group Leaders to choose from the following options for content: video & written content based on the readings at Sunday Mass, brief & engaging videos based on the Catechism, or a book study on Resisting Happiness. Most Small Groups will meet for an hour and a half every two weeks.

Who will be in my Small Group? Our small groups will be many and varied. We will collect your preferences for meeting time and location. Additionally, during the sign-up process you can select from the following small group options- men’s or women’s group, young adults, seniors, newlyweds, mother’s or father’s group, or mixed group. Small groups based on affinity have been very popular over the years, as have groups with more diversity in their makeup. You tell us what sounds like the best fit for you.

Small-Group-Bible-StudyHow long does this Small Group meet for? Most Small Groups will run for an hour and a half every two weeks. While many Small Groups we have run in the past have begun and concluded during Lent, there is no set time for these Small Groups to conclude. Over the course of time, Small Groups provide remarkably rich and meaningful Christian relationships. Of course some Small Groups may dissolve as people move away or schedules change- while other Small Groups may keep growing until they have to split into two groups. We hope you’ll commit to this small group for at least a few months, and we’ll be right alongside you to help ensure it’s fruitful and engaging!

What if it isn’t a good fit? Some folks will experience an instant connection, while others may not have that same sense. Any good Small Group takes a few sessions for people to feel comfortable sharing and supporting each other. Your Small Group Leader will be supported throughout the life cycle of your Small Group, and you’ll also have an opportunity to share feedback. After all of that, if it isn’t a good fit, then it isn’t a good fit! We can re-home folks to different Small Groups if need be.

Are there any hidden costs? The majority of our small groups will be using free content from, though some may choose to do a book study on Resisting Happiness, which can be purchased online for $3.

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