St. Thomas Weather Policy

Prudential Judgment should always be used by event participants.  No event, including Mass, requires your attendance if you feel that weather conditions are dangerous.  It is your right and responsibility to determine whether it is safe and/or wise to travel when road conditions may be hazardous. Those who choose not to travel because of unsafe conditions are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.

Mass and Sacraments will not ordinarily be cancelled due to weather conditions.

Daytime: If the Ann Arbor Public Schools or St. Thomas the Apostle School are closed due to weather related problems, the Parish Office will delay opening until 10 a.m.  If weather issues persist, a decision will be made about closing for the rest of the day by 9am.  It will be posted on the website and the parish answering machine.

Nighttime: For evening events (starting after 5 p.m.), the program leader will make the decision. The program leader must decide by 3 p.m., and communicate it to their participants.   The program/event leader must call the parish and inform the staff. The participants should assume that if day events were cancelled, evening events are cancelled unless participants hear otherwise from their program leader. 

Weekend Policy:  For weekend events, the program leader will make the decision.  For morning and early afternoon events, weather cancellations will be made by 7 am.  For afternoon (after 2 pm) and evening events, cancellations will be made by noon.  Please check your e-mails and parish website for notifications.

Severe Weather Warning or Advisory – If at ANY time there is a SEVERE WEATHER warning or advisory, all parish activities except Mass and other Sacraments will be cancelled.