–Neil Lozano, Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance

Most people misunderstand deliverance.

They think that it’s only for possessed individuals. It’s not.

They think that it can only be done by a trained and appointed exorcist.

Not true.

Others believe that deliverance is something only for “charismatics,” or that it’s necessarily frightening. Absolutely unnecessary.

Still others confuse deliverance with emotional or mental healing. Deliverance does closely align with healing. For the greatest healing of all is healing from sin and from its inevitable outcomes: misery, destruction, death. But deliverance is not the same thing as healing.

Deliverance ministry simply addresses the reality of spiritual warfare in every human life.

The devil’s evil influence ranges from temptation to harassment to oppression to possession.Yet Christians, while subject to the Satan’s constant opposition, can never be overpowered by the enemy; he can only gain power in their lives to the degree that they open doors to his work.


living in fear

believing lies

engaging in sin

refusing to forgive

forming unholy ties or attachments

cutting off from community or rightful authority

putting other things in place of God to give life meaning

or by approaching the occult with fear or fascination.

Deliverance ministry closes these doors and releases people to live freely, secure in their identity as God’s beloved children, dedicated to His purpose for their lives.

 Deliverance is about belonging completely to God and nothing else.



Unbound deliverance ministry is a model of prayer developed by Neal Lozano. It is the model for deliverance most widely endorsed by Catholic bishops and priests throughout the world. Unbound guides people to surrender more fully to Jesus and encounter the truth that sets them free.

Other models of healing or deliverance rely on the gifting of the minister, perhaps accompanied by supernatural signs or physical manifestations.

Unbound prayer ministry, in contrast, is really led by the person receiving prayer. In fact, the goal is for people to learn to use the model for themselves, as a regular part of their prayer life. It is simple, undramatic, and yet very powerful.

The model is based on “five keys to freedom.”

Key One – Repent for your sins and believe in Jesus.

Key Two – Forgive others … and yourself.

Key Three – Renounce the work of Satan, his influence in your life, closing the doors you once opened to evil.

Key Four – Stand in the authority of Jesus Christ and say “NO” to evil.

Key Five – Receive the Father’s blessing on your identity and destiny.

Through these five keys, people learn how to win their ongoing spiritual battles, and experience liberation to be who they were meant to be and live the life they were meant to live.

Go to www.heartofthefather.com to learn more about Neal Lozano and his ministry, Heart of the Father.
The radio mini-series, “Called to Freedom,” presents an overview of the model and discussion of its key concepts: http://www.thecatholiclight.com/calledtofreedom/



Unbound-Michigan offers teaching, training, and ministry throughout the state. We are not an official arm of Heart of the Father, but we maintain a cooperative relationship with them and have received training from them. We follow their guidelines for using the name “Unbound.”



We schedule prayer every day of the week! Contact  us at GetUnbound.LiveFree@Gmail.com or call 761.8608 ext 1008.

To download a brochure about Unbound prayer ministry, click here.

(We do ask that everyone requesting ministry first read Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance or watch/listen to a conference. Live Free! conference audio recordings are linked below; Heart of the Father’s conference is available from their website on DVD with a companion study guide.)



The Live Free! conference offered by Unbound-Michigan presents the message of Unbound.

At the conference, participants not only receive teaching on each of the five keys to freedom, but also have the opportunity to pray through each one in short times of prayer ministry.

 The next scheduled Live Free! conference is on December 9 &10 & at St. Joseph’s Church in Traverse City. Registration is not yet available, but will open mid-October on the websites of Baraga Catholic Radio and St. Joseph’s Church.

2017 conferences are scheduled for February 10 & 11 in Columbus, Ohio, and February 17 & 18 at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, MI. Registration will be available starting in December.

Click here for a brochure about the conference, with a short bio of the presenters, John and Michelle Kazanjian.

The next scheduled Live Free! conference is scheduled for December 9 & 10 at St. Joseph Church in Traverse City.
Register here: http://www.stjosephtc.org/74

2017 conferences are scheduled for February 2 (CLERGY ONLY) in Detroit, February 10 & 11 in Columbus, Ohio, February 17 & 18 at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, MI, and March 17 (ECCLESIAL MINISTERS) in Detroit. Check back in December for updated registration information.


Listen to podcasts of past conferences:

2015 Our Lady of Good Counsel, Plymouth, MI


2016 Saints Cyril and Methodius, Sterling Heights, MI




The Give Free! training workshop for personal ministry gives participants confidence in using the Unbound model of deliverance prayer. This all-day seminar provides hands-on ministry experience, role-play, discussion, teaching, and connection to valuable resources.

The next Give Free! workshop is scheduled for November 12 at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.  Register at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/november-12-give-free-prayer-ministry-training-registration-27013200209

If you can’t make this one, the next training workshop is scheduled for March 25 in Plymouth, MI.

After attending a workshop, participants can serve as guest intercessors with Unbound-Michigan up to four times without joining our team. We are also happy to mentor churches seeking to develop an Unbound ministry.



Unbound-Michigan partners with Renewal Ministries, a Catholic mission organization, to teach Unbound throughout the world. For more information on Renewal Ministries, including upcoming mission opportunities, click here.



Unbound-Michigan is hosting a speaker series on prayer ministry–not just deliverance ministry–starting in September, every third Tuesday at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Ann Arbor. The series will be taught by Eileen Aveni, a well-qualified counselor. Eileen specializes in helping victims of abuse, including Satanic ritual abuse. The fall session focuses on general ministry issues, while the winter/spring session particularly focuses on praying with survivors of trauma and abuse.  Cost is $15/class or $30 for a seasonal session of three classes.

Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pray-strong-speaker-series-for-prayer-ministers-eileen-aveni-tickets-26380579022