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Our Team

To reach a staff member by phone please dial (734) 761-8606 and their extension. For General inquiries you are welcome to use the General Contact form linked here. 

Ordained Clergy

picture12Fr. William Ashbaugh,
Fr. Bill was ordained a priest in 1993.  Fr. Bill  was studying to be a scientist when God called him to the priesthood. He has been a priest for nearly 25 years and has been St. Thomas’ beloved pastor for the last 9 years.
His Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Learner, Belief, Positivity, Responsiblity, and Connectedness.


 picture4Deacon Warren Hecht, RCIA and Senior Ministry
E-mail:   Extension:  #2704
Deacon Warren was baptized at St. Thomas in 1984.  He was ordained a deacon in 1992 and has been on the faculty of the Residential College of the University of Michigan since 1970.  His papers are housed in the Rare Book Room of the University of Michigan Library.  He currently serves as the Dir. of RCIA and senior ministry at St. Thomas.
His Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Achiever, Intellection, Adaptability, Deliverative, and Activator.



Deacon Jim Miles, Parish Council
Deacon Jim is active in family and marriage ministries which include the Christian Family Movement (CFM), Marriage Preparation, Baptismal Preparation, and various small groups. He is a standing member of the Parish Pastoral Council and has an Apostolate of the Word in which he provides commentary and reflections on the Mass readings for each day (Deacon Jim‘s Reflections) found on the home page of the St. Thomas web site.  He was ordained to serve St. Thomas in 1984.
His Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are:  Strategic, Learner, Ideation, Achiever, and Analytical.


Lay Staff

Caroline Biskner, Dir. of Youth Ministry
Email: Extension #2550
Caroline became Catholic as a teen and is originally from South Texas, where she served the Church as a youth minister in a diocesan youth and young adult program. She met her husband, John, at a desert monastery on a silent retreat and they were married in 2004. They joyfully call Ann Arbor home and have five children. Caroline enjoys playing Settlers of Catan, watching movies, hiking, country and swing dancing, sharing God’s Word, and helping others grow in their faith.
Her Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Development, Connectedness, Arranger, Belief, and Input



 picture11Lucia Campbell, Dir. of Music Ministry
Email:  Extension:  #2922
Lucia, born in Florence, Italy, is a graduate of the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini in Florence, where she studied cello and voice.  Previously, she had an active opera career that spanned Europe and the USA. As an active church musician in Italy and the United States, in 2005 began serving at St. Thomas, where she conducts and sings weekly as the Music Director.  She is married to Bill Campbell and they have two sons, Benjamin and Jim.
Her Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Includer, Empathy, Adaptability, Positivity, and Woo.



Tim DiLaura, Headmaster of St. Thomas the Apostle School
Tim DiLaura serves as Headmaster of St. Thomas the Apostle School, providing administrative support and guidance of the classical Catholic education teaching staff and curriculum.  Mr. DiLaura has served as an educator for 35 years, as a teacher, principal, regional superintendent and consultant.  To learn more about classical Catholic education and how you can serve at St. Thomas School, please feel welcome to contact Mr. DiLaura via email.
His Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Strategic, Relator, Achiever, Learner, and Intellection.


Maureen Galloway, Liturgical & Marriage Prep Coordinator
E-mail:  Extension:  #2902
Maureen served for many years as a Sacristan before joining staff. Maureen assists with planning Liturgies, and also trains and schedules all those who would like to help with Liturgy. Contact her to join the lay ministers as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Lector, Altar Server, Sacristan, Laundry Sacristan, or to help with Sanctuary Cleaning. Maureen has a deep love and devotion for her Catholic faith, especially Jesus’ True Presence in the Eucharist. She and her husband, Bob, have 4 beautiful children.
Her Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Relator, Belief, Developer, Empathy, and Learner.



Kathy Grisdela, Business Manager
E-mail:   Extension:  #2903
Kathy joined the St. Thomas team in April of 2017 after a 32 year corporate career in operations. She enjoys serving the family of St. Thomas in the areas of accounting, maintenance and HR. She and her husband Paul have been married 31 years and have been blessed with 5 children.
Her Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Adaptability, Arranger, Belief, Responsibility, and Connectedness.



Michelle Kazanjian, Dir. of Pastoral Ministry
E-mail:    Extension:  #1008
Michelle Kazanjian has attended St. Thomas since she came to Ann Arbor as a student in 1981. She serves half-time as Director of Pastoral Ministry, working closely with our Director of Discipleship to create and oversee initiatives that foster healing, growth, and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Her definition of “ministry” is  “Loving the whole person into wholeness so that he might love God wholly.”
Michelle has a background in nursing and has also recently completed some higher education in chaplaincy and pastoral ministry. She and her husband own a local business contracted with the University of Michigan. They are also both active in ministry with Renewal Ministries, a Catholic Mission Organization; with Renewal, they travel internationally, specifically promoting the New Evangelization and teaching others how to receive and pray with others for interior freedom.
Michelle’s deep desire in her role at St. Thomas is to empower and activate parishioners to realize their God-given potential. Contact her to discuss your needs but also your God-given dreams for this parish and how you can fit into our mission.
Her Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Strategic Thinking, Future-Orientation, Connectedness, Activation, and Belief.


Pam Kuzel, Office Manager
E-mail:   Extension:  #2800
Pam and her husband Matt have been longtime parishioners at St. Thomas. Pam joined the staff team in 2017 as support in the Parish Office, and in 2018, she stepped into her new role as Office Administrator. She coordinates the priest’s schedules, the facility scheduler, and countless other administrative tasks.
Her Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Relator, Learner, Responsibility, Developer, and Achiever.


Rita Malone, Alpha Coordinator
E-mail:   Extension:  #2802




Mark Moses, Dir. of Maintenance
E-mail:  Extension:  #2905
Mark has been working at St. Thomas for over 20 years. In 2018 he became the Director of Maintenance. Mark does a remarkable job of taking care of everyone and everything at St. Thomas!




 Mary Beth Sobel, Bookkeeper
E-mail:   Extension:  #2904
Mary Beth has been on the team at St. Thomas for many years. She has worked in the front office, and now serves as bookkeeper.
Her Clifton Strengthsfinder top 5 strengths are: Developer, Belief, Responsibility, Achiever, and Relator.



Jeanne Marie Gerig, Organist
Jeanne Marie earned a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance with a Minor in Organ from Wheaton College Conservatory of Music and a dual Master of Arts in Piano Pedagogy and Organ Performance from EMU.  She is active as a piano teacher, accompanist, and Realtor, and she has four daughters. Jeanne Marie completed RCIA at St. Thomas, then served as Director of Music/Liturgy in other parishes for many years before returning to St. Thomas as Organist in June 2016.