From the Pastor: April 26

Questions of the Week: The Mass can be viewed as having two distinct but inseparably united parts: the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. How did Jesus establish the New Covenant and the pattern of the Liturgy? What are some examples in the New Testament where we see this?

Parish Updates:
1. As I write this, there is still no word from the bishop as to when public liturgies might resume. I am grateful to all of you for your prayers and support, and my heart goes out to you all as you patiently wait for the precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. The Parish Hall remains open for prayer throughout the day, and we will continue offering confessions from 2-4pm in the afternoon Mondays, and Wednesday through Saturday. We are grateful for Fr. Dan who makes himself available to help us!
2. Masses and times of prayer will continue to be streamed. I am amazed at how many people are watching online (over 1000 on Sundays)! A good number of families have set up their living room to catch the livestream broadcast and participate in Mass virtually.
Above is a picture of our livestream corner by the piano. Most of the pews have been removed from the church that is filled with construction lifts. Work will resume to finish up the painting and interior lighting as soon as the restrictions on work are lifted.
3. THANK YOU for continued financial support! Many parishioners have signed up for online giving or have been sending in their contributions. We have brought back to work most of our ministerial staff who are working from home. Online ministry is new to everyone, but we are doing what we can. The Mission of the Church never ceases. We have also applied and received a Paycheck Protection Program Loan that will assist us in protecting the payroll of our staff. I am deeply grateful for Kathy Grisdela, Mary Beth Sobel, and Maureen Galloway who worked hard at bringing this about. It will greatly help us through these next two months.

4. We will continue to look for ways to offer good spiritual food for everyone. We are planning some online events, and I certainly encourage everyone to take advantage of the many great resources on, and many others. As parishioners, you have full access to all the resources there for free. To sign up for free, go to You will have access to many Catholic movies, audio, and video files to enjoy.

You are in my daily prayers. The parish office remains open via phone. We will continue our phone outreach to the parish and will continue to pray for all your intentions at Mass.

Now is the time to pray even more. Make sure to restructure your day with God first in mind.

May the peace of our Risen Lord be with you all!

Fr. Bill Ashbaugh