From the Pastor: May 17

Questions of the Week:  When we love someone, we will want to honor them and please them.  What does Jesus say about how to love Him in our Gospel this week?  Does Jesus love for us depend on anything we do or not do?  How does being loved and loving affect us?  (See John 15:21)

Jesus says in the Gospel this weekend, “I do not leave you orphan.”   

Our Lord never stopped loving His Apostles. He knew it would be very hard for them when He was crucified. 

How amazing Jesus’ love is! At a time when most of us would be thinking of ourselves, Jesus was thinking of His Apostlesand us.  

His love is life for us. His love desires our good, our happiness and well being. He desires us to have eternal lifethe very life of God. And that life comes to us through the Gift of the Holy Spirit; Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth, our Advocate.  

What a great mystery to consider! The Holy Spirit dwells in us and brings us from death to life!  The Holy Spirit helps us know God’s saving Truth, for God’s Spirit is Truth.

Last year I showed everyone an orchid that a parishioner gifted me. Unfortunately, I did not know what I was doing and I ended up watering the orchid to death. Water is good, I thought so give it more water! Well… too much of some things are not good for us. Candy is good but eat too much  or wine is good but drink too much or… well, you get it. God helps us know what is truly good and beautiful and how to live virtuously. “You show me the path of life… the fullness of joy in your presence, and your right hand, happiness forever.”  It is a life that lives His Commandments. 

Well, another parishioner, in complete faith, gave me another orchid.  I am glad to say I have not killed this guy.  In fact, this little orchid has been blooming for quite awhile really coinciding with the outbreak of this whole pandemic. The blooms remind me of the Holy Spirit- and the coming of the Holy Spirit;  the petals are like little flames the center part of the flower even looks like a dove. I have been wondering when the petals will wither, and they will some day, but for now, they are a welcome sight. Through death to life. Jesus’ love is so amazing.  He makes us all bloom.

What does that mean? It means Jesus’ love frees us to give ourselves to God and others in a manner that is united to His love. His love seeks our happiness, so our love will seek other’s happiness. As we love, the presence of the Holy Spirit grows ever stronger in our hearts.  

The Holy Spirit will help us remain in Christ by being true to the commandments of God. 

God bless you!  

Fr Bill