From the Pastor

Weekly Reflections from Fr. Bill



May 24: The Ascension of our Lord

Nothing in our world changes that: no virus, no persecution, no trouble however great. Our mission does not stop until Christ comes again. Read more






May 17: Returning to Public Mass

Questions of the Week:  When we love someone, we will want to honor them and please them.  What does Jesus say about how to love Him in our Gospel this week?  Does Jesus love for us depend on anything we do or not do?  How does being loved and loving affect us?  (See John 15:21) Jesus says in the Gospel this weekend, “I do not leave you orphan.”    Read more





May 10: Holy Communion

Question of the Week:  Why does Jesus tell us “do not let your hearts be troubled” when there is so much trouble in the world?  Read more






May 3: Restoring Sacraments

Questions of the Week: Jesus said, “I am the Gate.  Whoever enters through me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture.”  What does it mean “to enter through” Jesus?  How do we enter?  How will you enter?   Read more





April 26: Parish Updates

Questions of the Week: The Mass can be viewed as having two distinct but inseparably united parts: the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. How did Jesus establish the New Covenant and the pattern of the Liturgy? What are some examples in the New Testament where we see this? Read more





April 19: Divine Mercy Sunday

Questions of the Week: Why do those who believe in Jesus “have life in His name?” What happens to a person when they believe in Jesus? Read more






April 12: Easter Sunday

Question of the Week: With death looming all around, how does faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ prepare you to meet it? What does Jesus ask of us? Read more






April 5: Holy Week

Questions of the Week:There were so many aspects of our Lord’s Passion.  What strikes you most as you consider what Jesus did for us?  Where is hope when we look at Christ crucified?  Read more





March 29: Coronavirus and Human Life

Questions of the Week: How has the Coronavirus affected your outlook on human life? What does the raising of Lazarus say about God’s power over death and the afterlife?  Read more.





March 22: Fr. Gerald Gawronski Assigned Parochial Vicar

Fr Gerald Gawronski is assigned to St Thomas the Apostle Parish starting in July 2020. Read more.