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Music Ministries


Join the Choir!

The Scriptures call us to “Sing to the LORD, bless his name; proclaim his salvation day after day!” The Catholic Church has always affirmed the importance of Sacred Music and we welcome all to our vibrant ministry. Choir members join us for rehearsals on Thursday nights from 7:15-8:45pm, and Sunday mornings 10:30am-12pm.


AdultChoirWhat We Love about Singing in the Choir:

 “Having choir rehearsal at the end of each Thursday is a great way to relax, and Lucia makes learning the music fun and accessible.”

 “I came into the choir hoping to brush up on sight reading…I was nervous because it had been a long time since I had sung in a choir but Lucia and the choir members immediately put me at ease… I’ve made some new friends that I might not have met otherwise. We practice hard and I think we all learn a lot – we certainly do have a good time – we laugh a lot when we aren’t singing! I can’t wait for our rehearsals to start again!”

Singing in the choir is a calling and a privilege; God allows me (and each person in the choir) to have the ability to participate in something that brings Him glory in the congregation! 

StringsMusical Opportunities at St. Thomas:

Here are the various opportunities for you to serve with your musical gifts, or volunteer help with the musical offerings that our parish presents.  If you have further questions, contact Lucia Campbell at 761-8606 ext. 2802, or by e-mail: and please, don’t forget: pray for our Music Ministry!

St. Thomas Parish Choir

Families are Welcome!  (12 and over)

This is the main choir at St. Thomas. We sing every Sunday from September to Pentecost (mid- June) at the 10:45 Mass (10:15 rehearsal) each Sunday. Our rehearsals are in Room 352, Thursdays at 7:15 PM. Our main task is to inspire and lead the song of the congregation. We also sing a wide variety of music, spirituals, motets, and contemporary selections. We also enjoy social events a few times of year and act as a fellowship group in the parish as well. Auditions are not required. Contact Lucia Campbell at 761-8606 ext. 2802, or by e-mail:

 St. Thomas Children’s Choir

The St. Thomas Children’s Choir will rehearse Thursdays from 6:00-7:00 PM at a date TBD before the Christmas Concert.  All school and parish children are invited to participate. Contact Lucia Campbell at 761-8606 ext. 2802, or by e-mail:

Cantor Ministry

We are always looking for good cantors to sing for liturgies throughout the year. Cantors do not need to be professional musicians, but should possess a clear voice with good diction, have music reading skills and know the basic flow of the liturgy. Cantors also sing for weddings and funerals when they are remunerated. Most cantors sing on a regular schedule, but flexibility is certainly a possibility. Contact Lucia Campbell at 761-8606 ext. 2802, or by e-mail:

Instrumentalists/ Accompanists/Volunteers

We are always looking for instrumentalists who wish to contribute in any way that they feel will be of benefit. This might include, accompanying one of the choirs, being a substitute organist for masses, or helping as a volunteer. Pianists, guitarists, and other instruments are welcome! Contact Lucia Campbell at 761-8606 ext. 2802, or by e-mail:


The St. Thomas Youth String Ensemble

This fun ensemble is taught and led by violinist Jacqueline Nutting. The ensemble class meets after school on Tuesdays in the school music room during the school year. Children and young people are taught to learn musical development along with the learning of a string instrument. The ensemble plays at four different Masses throughout the year. This is a great way to introduce your child to music making in a very enjoyable way! Please click here to download an information and registration packet or call the school office 734-769-0911 to have one sent to you.