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248.4 Tere/MTeresa, Mother, Saint, and Le Joly & Chaliha (compilers)Mother Teresa's reaching out in love : stories told by Mother Teresa2002Teresa, Mother; Christian life6/17/2019
J Saints Lovasik/1Lovasik, Rev. LawrenceBook of saints ; part 11981Saints; Juvenile Literature6/17/2019
J Saints Lovasik/10Lovasik, Rev. LawrenceBook of saints ; part 101997Saints; Juvenile Literature6/17/2019
230 Lew c.2Lewis, Clive StaplesMere Christianity (Large print ed.)1987Apologetics6/17/2019
231.4 FraFrancis, PopeGod is always near : conversations with Pope Francis2014God - Mercy6/17/2019
236.24 KreKreeft, PeterEverything you ever wanted to know about heaven...but never dreamed of asking!1990Heaven6/17/2019
241.65 HorHorn, TrentPersuasive pro-life2014ProLife6/17/2019
248 DohDoherty, Catherine DeHueckPoustinia : encountering God in silence, solitude and prayer2000Spiritual life6/17/2019
248 HunHunt, Dr. AllenTurning Point : a study of the Gospel of John : eight encounters with Jesus that will change your life (The) (Kit includes Gospel of John, Bible study, leader's guide, 3 DVDs)2018Spiritual life6/17/2019
248 ValValenta, Fr. StephenJourney from the head to the heart and beyond--- (The)1997Spiritual life6/17/2019
248.2 AhmAhmari, SohrabFrom fire by water2019Conversion Experiences6/17/2019
282 Kre/DKresta, AlDangers to the faith : recognizing Catholicism's 21st-Century opponents2013Catholic Church6/17/2019
282 VogVogt, BrandonWhy I am Catholic (and you should be too)2017Catholicism - Faith6/17/2019
282.092 ManManning, MarthaChasing grace : reflections of a Catholic girl, grown up1996Catholic women6/17/2019
CD 248 FraFrancis, Pope/read by Aarthur MoreyHappiness in this life (unabridged)2017Christian Life; Francis I, Pope8/7/2019
J BibleTheola, Sister MaryCatholic children's Bible (The)1983Bible; Juvenile literature8/7/2019
J BibleFries, TessDavid and Goliath2001Bible; Juvenile literature8/7/2019
J BibleMueller, A. C.My good shepherd Bible story book1969Bible Stories; Juvenile literature8/7/2019
J JesusWildsmith, BrianJesus2000Jesus; Juvenile literature8/7/2019
J Sac CBiffi, InosStory of the Eucharist1986Sacraments - Eucharist; Juvenile literature8/7/2019
J SaintsPochocki, Ethel MarbachOnce upon a time saints1996Saints; Juvenile Literature8/7/2019
241.3 MorMorrow, Rev. T.G.Overcoming sinful anger : how to master your emotions and bring peace to your life2014Anger - Religious aspects8/7/2019
242 AngAngelica, M., MotherMother Angelica on Christ and our Lady2016Meditations - Christ, Mary8/7/2019
242.335 MorMorgan, BrianLegend of the Christmas prayer (The)2002Christmas8/7/2019
248.82 JohnJohn Paul II, PopeFor the children : words of love and inspiration from His Holiness Pope John Paul II2000Children - Religious life8/7/2019
261.873 MerMerton, Thomas, O.C.S.O.Passion for peace : reflections on war and nonviolence2006Peace - War - Non-violence8/7/2019
CD 241.6 Pav v.20Pavone, Fr. Frank A.Homilies : a collection of homilies from the holy Mass at the EWTN, Irondale, Ala.Homilies - Sept. 11, 20118/7/2019
CD 241.65 BenBenedict XVI, PopeRespect life program 2009-2010 : every child brings us God's smile2010Respect Life8/7/2019
CD 242.74 FatFathers of MercyHoly rosary with the Fathers of Mercy (The)Rosary8/7/2019
CD 248.3 Menmenezes, Fr. WadeFathers of Mercy parish mission : rekindling Eucharistic amazement: the theology of Eucharistic adorationEucharistic adoration8/7/2019
CD 269.2 Wed/D Disc1Weddell, Sherry AnneCalled & gifted II : discernment in depth2009Evangelism8/7/2019
CD 269.2 Wed/D Disc2Weddell, Sherry AnneCalled & gifted II : discernment in depth2009Evangelism8/7/2019
CD 269.2 Wed/D Disc3Weddell, Sherry AnneCalled & gifted II : discernment in depth2009Evangelism8/7/2019
CD 269.2 Wed/WWeddell, Sherry AnneCalled & gifted workshop (The) : using your gifts; discover your call2008Evangelism8/7/2019
232.91 AlpLiguori, Alfonso Maria de', SaintGlories of Mary (The)1931Mary8/23/2019
242 ConConiker, JeromePreparation for total consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary for families : according to St. Louis de Montfort, with meditations by Pope John Paul II 2005Devotional literature; Totus Tuus8/23/2019
248.4 LouLouis of Granada, Ven.Sinner's guide (The)1985Christian life; Life after death8/23/2019
920 John/WhWhite, Rev. Michael (Gen. Ed.)Papal visit : John Paul II : Baltimore (The)1995John Paul II, Pope, Saint - Travel; USA8/23/2019
232.91 BenBenedict XVI, PopeMaria : Pope Benedict XVI on the mother of God2009Mary8/23/2019
238.2 Lov v.1Lovasik, Rev. Lawrence G.Apostolate's family Catechism (The), Third Ed. Rev. Exp.2005Catechisms8/23/2019
238.2 Lov v.2Lovasik, Rev. Lawrence G.Apostolate's family Catechism (The), Third Ed. Rev. Exp.2005Catechisms8/23/2019
920 John/RRatzinger, Joseph CardinalLegacy of John Paul II : images & memories (The)2005Biography - Photos8/23/2019
248.22 JoCJohn of the Cross, SaintAscent of Mount Carmel2002Mysticism; Poetry - Commentary8/24/2019
231.7 SenSennott, ThomasAcheiropoeta : not made by hands1998Mary - Guadalupe; Shroud8/24/2019
211.8 DeSDeStefano, AnthonyInside the atheist mind2018Atheism8/24/2019
230.2 HigHiggins, Gregory C.Christianity 101 : a textbook of Catholic theology2007Theology textbook8/24/2019
242 McKMcKenna, ThomasPraying with Vincent de Paul1994Prayers and Meditations8/24/2019
242.5 CamCameron, Fr. Peter J. (ed.)Praying with Saint John's Gospel2013Devotional literature (Daily readings)8/24/2019
242.74 Gri c.2Grignion de Montfort, Louis-Marie, SaintSecret of the Rosary (The)1991Rosary8/24/2019
248.6 SchSchwartz, George P.In God we trust : morally responsible investing2018Investing8/24/2019
264.02 Mor/MMorse, George P.Mass : its mysteries revealed (The)1999Mass8/24/2019
809 SheShea, Mark P. & Edward SriDaVinci deception (The)2006Literature - criticism8/24/2019
813 MarcMarcoux, CarmenArms of love2002Fiction8/24/2019
233 KelKellmeyer, Steven LSex and the sacred city : meditations on the Theology of the Body2003Theology of the Body; Christian life8/25/2019
242.2 Nou/CNouwen, Henri J. M.Cry for mercy : prayers from the Genesee (A)1981Devotional literature (Daily readings); Meditations8/25/2019
269.6 KnoKnox, Ronald A.Retreat for lay people (A)2011Retreats; Spiritual Guidance8/25/2019
248 BoyBoyle, GregoryTattoos on the heart : the power of boundless compassion2009Spiritual life8/25/2019
813 DeMDe Maria, FiorellaWe'll never tell them : a novel2015Fiction8/25/2019
813 OviOvies, RobertBarely a crime2016Fiction8/25/2019
DVD 242 ConMiller, Fr. Frederick (commentaries)40-day preparation for total consecration2006Devotional literature; Totus Tuus8/26/2019
220.63 MosMost, Fr. William G. MostFree from all error : authorship, inerrancy, historicity of scripture, church teaching and modern scripture scholars (rev.)2009Bible - Evidences, authority, etc.; Bible - Inspiration8/26/2019
262.52 MilMiller, John H., C.S.C., editorVatican II : an interfaith appraisal : international theological conference, University of Notre Dame, March 20-26, 19661966Vatican Council (2nd ); Catholic Church - Doctrines8/26/2019
920 LewLewis, C. S.Letters to an American lady1967Lewis, C.S.; Biography8/28/2019
220.6 ArmArmstrong, DaveCatholic verses (The)2004Biblical commentary; Catholic theology8/28/2019
233 WojWojtyla, KarolLove & responsibility1981Sexual morality; Christian life8/28/2019
231.3 JohnJohn of St. ThomasGifts of the Holy Spirit (The)2016Holy Spirit8/28/2019
242.74 FeeFeeney, RobertRosary : "the little Summa" (The)1993Rosary8/28/2019
248 Kelly/CKelly, MatthewCall to joy (A)1997Spiritual Life8/28/2019
646.78 KelKelly, MatthewBuilding better families : a practical guide to raising amazing children2008Parenting8/28/2019
220.6 ButButler, Basil c.Always inspired : why Bible-believing Christians need the Catholic Church2012Bible - Criticism; Bible - study9/11/2019
238.2 HunHunt, MarigoldSt. Patrick's summer : a children's adventure catechism2004Catechism; Children9/11/2019
261.8 DocDOCAT : what to do? the social teaching of the Catholic Church2016Church social teachings; Docat9/11/2019
233.5 SchSchonborn, Christoph CardinalMan, the image of God : the creation of man as good news2011Theological anthropology; Image of God9/11/2019
248 CalCalloway, Donald H.Under the mantle : Marian thoughts from a 21st Century priest2013Christian life - witnessing; Mary9/11/2019
238.2 YouYOUCAT : youth catechism of the Catholic church2010Catechisms; Youcat9/11/2019
238.2 You/KYoucat for kids : a Catholic catechism for children and parents2019Catechisms; Youcat9/11/2019
232,92 HahHahn, ScottJoy to the world : how Christ's coming changed everything (and still does)2014Jesus Christ - Nativity9/11/2019
248.83 HarHart, MarkBlessed are the bored in spirit : a young Catholic's search for meaning2006Young Adults - Religious life9/11/2019
269.2 SriSri, EdwardRediscovering the heart of a disciple : Pope Francis and the Joy of the Gospel2014Evangelism - New9/11/2019
242.75 LefLefebvre, Eugene, C.Cs.R.Saint Anne : Show me the way to my God1978Prayers and Meditations; Anne, Saint, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary9/20/2019
920 Gua/AAquado, Juan B.Father Louis Guanella : a Samaritan priest2011Guanella, Luigi, Saint; Biography9/20/2019
241.66 WesWest, ChristopherGood news about sex & marriage : answers to your honest questions about Catholic teaching2000Sex; Catholic Church - Doctrines9/20/2019
242.4 McAMcAlear, RichardPower of healing prayer : overcoming emotional and psychological blocks (The)2013Prayer; Healing9/20/2019
234.163 HamHampsch, John H., C.M.F.Healing power of the Eucharist (The)1999Eucharist9/20/2019
248.845 EicEich, David PaulConquering the culture : the fight for our children's souls1996Parenting9/20/2019
DVD 920 The/DDefilippis, LeonardoTherese : ordinary girl : extraordinary soul.2004-6Therese, of Lisieux, Saint; Biography10/11/2019
922 Col V.4Colledge, EdmundCatholic layman's library : following the saints : January - April1970Saints - Collection10/11/2019
922 Col V.5Colledge, EdmundCatholic layman's library : following the saints : May - August1970Saints - Collection10/11/2019
922 Col V.6Colledge, EdmundCatholic layman's library : following the saints : September - December1970Saints - Collection10/11/2019
CD 239 Mid 2014Midwest Catholic apologetics conference2014Apologetics10/11/2019
DVD 232.96 GibGibson, MelPassion of the Christ (The)2004Jesus Christ - Passion10/11/2019
DVD 236.24 HeaHeaven is for real2014Heaven10/11/2019
DVD 264.02 OneVoris, MichaelMass (The) / The one true faith seriesMass10/11/2019
DVD 920 John/DPope John Paul II : a documentary of the life2005John Paul II, Pope - Biography10/11/2019
DVD 920 John/LLife & times of Pope John Paul II2003John Paul II, Pope, Saint - Biography10/11/2019
242.33 CelCelano, Peter (comp.)Christmas with the Holy Fathers2008Christmas season; Advent10/12/2019
920 Terel/BTerelya, Josyp and Brown, MichaelWitness : an autobiography1991Terelya, Josyp; Autobiography10/12/2019
231.4 FraFrancis, Pope and Tornielli, AndreaName of God is mercy (The)2016God - Attributes; Mercy10/12/2019
922 DanDaniel-Rops, HenriHeroes of God : eleven courageous men and women who risked everything to spread the Catholic faith2002Saints; Missionaries10/12/2019
791.4 BarBartunek, Fr. JohnInside the Passion : an insider's look at The Passion of the Christ2005Motion Picture - guide; Passion of the Christ10/12/2019
920 Ham/GGroeschel, Fr. Benedict J.Priest forever : the life of Father Eugene Hamilton (A)1998Hamilton, Eugene - Biography; Priesthood10/12/2019
248.2 TereTerelya, JosypIn the kingdom of the Spirit1995Religious Experience; Visions10/12/2019
231.3 Apo/WApostoli, Fr. Andrew J.We believe in the Holy Spirit2002God - Holy Spirit10/12/2019
236.5 TayTaylor, MichaelPurgatory1998Purgatory10/12/2019
241.65 BerBereit, David and Carney, Shawn40 days for life : discover what God has done...imagine what He can do2017Abortion10/12/2019
241.65 CarCarney, Shawn D.Beginning of the end of abortion : 40 inspiring stories of God changing hearts and saving lives (The)2018Abortion10/12/2019
248.4 QuaQuadrupani, Charles J.How to love God and keep His commandments1999Christian Life10/12/2019
248.46 PerPerrotta, KevinPrayer, fasting and almsgiving : spiritual practices that draw us closer to God2012Spiritual life10/12/2019
248.84 WysWyszynski, Stefan, CardinalWorking your way into Heaven : how to make work, stress, and drudgery a means to your sanctity1995Christian life - adults10/12/2019
264.02 MorMoroney, Monsignor James P.Mass explained : an introduction to the New Roman Missal (The) (Rev)2008Mass10/12/2019
271.7 SteStein, EdithScience of the Cross (The)2003John of the Cross - spirituality10/12/2019
282 CarCarroll, Anne W.Christ and the Americas1997Catholic Church - History10/12/2019
282 NasNash, ThomasWhat did Jesus do? The biblical roots of the Catholic Church2017Catholic Church10/12/2019
922 ZanZanchettin, Leo and Mitchell, PatriciaGreat cloud of witnesses (A)1998Saints - Biographies10/12/2019
248 WhiWhitehead, CharlesInvitation to the Spirit filled life : the promise, the power, the gifts, the fruit (An)2011Christian life; Holy Spirit10/17/2019
248.2 GalGalea, Fr. RobBreakthrough : a journey from desperation to hope2018Conversion Experiences; Hope10/17/2019
232.4 AckAcklin, ThomasPassion of the Lamb : the self-giving love of Jesus (The)2006Jesus Christ - Passion; Redemption10/17/2019
269.6 VanVanHoye, Cardinal AlbertChrist our high priest : spiritual exercises with Pope Benedict XVI, preached in the Vatican February 10-16, 20092010Benedict XVI, Pope; Spiritual exercises10/17/2019
248.3 AheAhern, PatrickMaurice & Therese : the story of a love1998Spirituality; Therese, of Lisieux, Saint10/17/2019
226.9 rohRohr, Richard and Feister, John B.Jesus' plan for a new world : the Sermon on the Mount1996Bible. N.T.- Sermon on the Mount10/17/2019
234.166 WalWalsh, Fr. ChristopherUntapped power of the sacrament of penance : a priest's view (The)2005`Penance10/17/2019
253 EvaEvan, FatherFrom the heart of the Eternal High Priest : an interior dialogue of the Redeemer with a Catholic priest2005Priesthood10/17/2019
270.83 ZenZen, Joseph CardinalFor love of my people I will not remain silent : on the situation of the Church in China2019Catholic Church - China10/17/2019
248.4 BerBergamo, Fr. Cajetan Mary deHumility of heart1978Christian life; Humility10/18/2019
232.917 Sol/ISolimeo, Luiz SergioImmaculate Heart of Mary and God's plan for America (The)2017Mary - Fatima; Mary - Immaculate Heart10/18/2019
920 Mari/PPoor Clare Nuns, RockfordBlessed Marie Celine of the Presentation : Germaine Castang 1878-18972007Marie-Celine of the Presentation, Blessed; Poor Clare Nuns10/18/2019
920 FoxFox, Father Robert J.Priest is a priest forever (A)2005Fox, Robert J. - Autobiography; Priesthood10/18/2019
920 Pio/KKeane, ColmPadre Pio : the Irish connection2007Pio, of Pietrelcina, Saint - Biography; Stories10/18/2019
218 UllUllathorne, BishopEndowments of man : considered in their relations with his final end (The) 4th ed.2012Man (Theology)10/18/2019
231.3 WilWilliams, BobHoly Spirit power can change the world2003Holy Spirit10/18/2019
231.4 AllAllue, bishop Emilio S. and Keefe, KathleenImage of mercy (The1996Divine Mercy10/18/2019
234.163 BroBrown, Michael H.Secrets of the Eucharist1996Eucharist10/18/2019