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Ways to Support St. Thomas

Witness to Hope Campaign

The Witness to Hope Campaign is a first-ever Diocesan/parish campaign to address the great needs of both the Diocese and St. Thomas the Apostle Parish.  Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift commitment to this campaign.  Your pledge can be fulfilled over the next five years if you wish.  Use the link below to learn more about the Witness to Hope Campaign.  There is also a link to the Diocesan website for online donations to the campaign:

Witness to Hope Campaign –  click here!

The Heritage Fund


The Heritage Fund was established in 1972 by Fr. William Myers in order to provide for the major capital needs of the parish.  The fund is also used to pay for church and school campus maintenance and repairs, beyond normal operating costs.  The parish share of all Witness to Hope campaign contributions also go into the Heritage fund.  In addition, all memorial gifts and Bequests go into the Heritage Fund. Gifts can be designated to the Heritage Fund by noting Heritage Fund in the memo section of your check. Heritage Fund envelopes are always available in church and parish office display racks.  Your gifts… whatever you can… whenever you can… are always greatly appreciated!

Annual Appeal

Like every other church and non-profit organization, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish makes an annual year-end appeal to parishioners  to consider any additional financial help they can give to the parish.  The appeal is made in December obviously because everyone considers year-end charitable donations to take advantage of the tax benefit provided.

We invite you to give where your heart lies.  We know Jesus Christ is our King and St. Thomas the Apostle Parish is our spiritual home. If you would like to make a year-end gift to St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, please click below:

Give to the parish – click here!

The Collection Basket


That’s Right! The collection basket! The offertory is as old as the Church and the basket – well – it’s been around a while. Your offerings are what help maintain the good work that St. Thomas is about. Prayerfully consider what you give as it is an integral part of your growth as a Christian and ours as a parish!  Please call the parish office to request envelopes if you are not receiving them!

On-line Givingcapture1

Many people live on monthly budgets, and sometimes it is difficult to put parish giving as a top priority. Online giving is a secure way to remain giving faithfully each month with automatic monthly gifts – whether through credit/debit cards or direct withdrawal from your bank account.

Kroger Community Rewardscapture5

Sign on to, create an account and register your Kroger Plus Card. Then select Community > Community Rewards and Enroll by selecting:   28249 St. Thomas Church or 83188 St. Thomas School.   Every time you use your Kroger Plus Card we receive financial support!

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Anything and everything you buy from can help support St. Thomas. How? Just log onto: and search for St. Thomas Ann Arbor!

ELEVATE Program 

Find out more at